Insights from the Jazz Connect Conference

ImageToday was Day 2 of the Jazz Connect Conference at the 54th Street Hilton in NYC, presented by JazzTimes with Jazz Forward.  This amazing free event included several workshops on promoting yourself on the Web, and ideas to promote Jazz through different avenues, including radio!  Many people attending were presenters, managers, agents and PR people–who also tended to be performers as well ,but the great schedule setup allowed 30 minutes between sessions.  They had set up half a floor worth of tables, and everyone would gather in small groups at these and exchange cards and information between sessions, while the tables were eventually filled up with people’s flyers and postcards about various performances in NYC set up for this weekend–including some all-night jams.  Some performers made notations on their cards that your conference ID would get you into their shows for free!  It will take me a while to process all I learned at the conference, but some things they recommended I’ll start doing immediately.  Look for some changes to this page as I incorporate what I’ve learned.  One important word:  Widgets!


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