Power to the Plus Sized

greta on FAUX vogue cover
Last night I watched the Fashion Police review the celebrity gowns from Sunday’s SAG Award telecast. I know this is Hollywood–where people over size 4 are considered grossly fat–but are designers really unable to make glamorous clothes for normal sized women? Julianne Moore is a beautiful woman, but even she was chosen as worst dressed because the top of her gown made her breasts sag. What decent stylist–or the designer she borrowed the dress from–would have let something like that go? For someone my size the best recommendation would probably be a tent, in black. I am a big fan of the show “What Not to Wear”, which does wonderful transformations on normal sized women, but I’ve never seen them tackle finding a beautiful, award-show worthy gown for someone. Why Not! The faux Vogue cover I’ve added to this post was done for me at a Bar Mitzvah–with my own clothes, and I chose the pose. Shouldn’t real magazines (like the original “Mode” magazine for plus-sizes) be able to do beautiful photo shoots of size 16+ women?


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