Saturdays at the Cooking Channel

Yep, it’s Saturday, and I’ve been watching the Cooking channel as I do housework. It’s terrifying seeing this incredible food, as I contemplate my food shopping. Kelsey just made homemade funnel cake with strawberry syrup, that she topped with chocolate, strawberries, and sliced bananas. Hmmm. I have everything to make this, but I note she didn’t say what the calorie count was. Here’s the frightening part. I discovered the Bisquick company’s fabulous gluten-free mix is to die for, and I’m trying not to go crazy using it. Gluten-free doesn’t mean low calorie….At the rate I’m going, I’ll soon be able to make an amazing gluten-free tea that other people will be able to enjoy….I wonder how I could get people to come up here to Inwood to give it a try?

The yellow gown

The yellow gown


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