A couple of months ago Facebook carried the story of a man in Dallas who shot and killed his upstairs neighbors because the poop and urine from their dog kept dripping down to his balcony. What he did was unthinkable!

BUT people need to re-think WHY they have animals, and consider what their obligations are as pet owners. It’s not just about what you need. A pet needs as much care as a child–especially dogs– if you’re not willing to face that level of care, then get something like a fish. Unless you live in an isolated house in the country, you will have neighbors, and you’re not entitled to lower their quality of life, because you won’t–or can’t–take care of your animal. No one should have to hear your animal howling, barking, scratching at the door–and even worse-crying from the moment you leave your apartment until the second you return.

My neighbors have dogs and the building sounds like a kennel now because the dogs get bored and bark, and whine to each other. The owners say the dogs don’t do that–because it doesn’t happen when they’re home. Some even take so long to take their animals out that the poor dogs urinate in the elevator because it’s just too late; but then they leave the mess and walk away.  No one should have to carefully step around your dog’s poop on the sidewalks; especially in NYC where there are fines for doing just that. I’ve seen neighbors mention the dog poor law to these offenders, and their response was, “EWWW, you want me to pick that up? No way, that’s disgusting.”

People can complain to the building owners ,but the owners really don’t want to get involved in it, and people who complain are seen as pet-haters.

The problem, as Cesar Milan and other experts will tell you, is never the animal–it’s the owner!  I repeat.  If you really don’t have the time to spend on your pet, consider getting something like a fish. You’re not being fair to your pet or anyone else.


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