Chamber Music of America Events

Yesterday I attended one of the First/Second Tuesday’s free workshop sponsored by Chamber Music America (CMA), held at St. Peter’s Church, citicorp:  “Working with Digital Video–going DIY or Pro” by Joseph Di Mattia from, (Note, the first hour of this workshop was taped and will be available online at  He’ll also be doing an online chat on Friday, Feb 12th from 3-4PM.)

The main takeaway from his talk was the importance of planning in advance of making videos, which will save you time, money, and frustration.  Use storyboarding, and make sure whoever is shooting knows what you need to do; ie” You are telling a story.  Why does the audience want to watch this, and what can I tell you about my music that makes it so compelling?  He did recommend looking in to (1)Videographer magazine (2)Free /cheap editing courses avail, particularly through public access TV such as DCTV on Lafayette street that has film editing classes, Manhattan New York has video training,and Brooklyn Public Library’s Grand Army Plaza Branch now has both video and audio recording facilities(3) Final Cut is a great program for editing.  Off camera, we discussed importance of proper lighting,makeup, getting decent sound–don’t rely on your video equipment to get the best sound; plan to get the feed from the mike system,and/or have an additional mike, but make sure you have a sound cue to help you synch sound and video later–something as simple as a person clapping on camera before you start.  I’ve been asked to tape at the last moment for people, and been disappointed in the final result, but now I know I did the best I could, and I was right in thinking it was an unintentional setup for failure.  PLANNING IN ADVANCE IS KEY!

CMA’s upcoming workshops: “Art of the Cold Call” on 3/12/2013, Fundraising through Crowdsourcing on 4/9/2013,Chat with Rosenthal & Rosenthal on 5/14/2013, and A Backstage View of Artist Management on 6/11/2013


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