2013 Oscar Fever-Let’s Add Viewer Changes

It’s Oscar fever time! Sunday night I will be joining everyone else who’s home watching one of the year’s most elegant events–in my yellow flannel pj’s and fluffy bear slippers, on the couch. The pre-award show fashion specials let us see the stars in all their designer gowned, and bejeweled glory. But maybe they should add a few other categories:
(1)Worst fake appreciation of someone else getting by their award (2)Longest acceptance speech
(3)Presenter’s biggest “what the hell were they thinking?” moment
(4)Most puzzling award presented
(5)Most snarky acceptance speech
I’m just saying…

Part of what makes the Academy Awards broadcast interesting is the voters decisions about who gets what. This year’s awards are no different, with Ben Affleck’s ARGO already sweeping all the other awards shows, while he wasn’t even nominated for best director. If it makes him feel better, Affleck’s in fine company. The Academy Award voters have an amazing tendency go against public perceptions.

In 1939 the awards were an absolute nightmare of decisions. We can only imagine the panic the voters felt when they saw the list of nominees, and the migraines they had trying to reach a decision. In the end,Gone with the Wind won over: Dark Victory, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Love Affair, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, Stagecoach, Ninotchka, Of Mice and Men, and Wizard of Oz, for best picture. It is inconceivable to us today that the Wizard of Oz only won 2?! awards–Best song (Over the Rainbow, which was by the way repeatedly cut from the movie before it’s release)and Best original Score(remember the music for the witch riding her bicycle, the witch’s guards, in addition to the main character’s individual songs. Robert Donat (Goodbye Mr. Chips) won over Clark Gable’s Rett Butler, Laurence Olivier’s Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, Jimmy Stewart’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Mickey Rooney’s Babe in Arms.

Only after the Academy did a film montage of the greatest films in history–including a ridiculous number of Stephen Speilberg films did they finally give Speilberg his Best Director Oscar. Hmmmm. It might be fun to give out an Academy Honorary DO-OVER AWARD, allowing the general public to award an Oscar to a person or film that was unfairly slighted in the past. Just for starters, give Peter O’Toole his Oscar for Lawrence of Arabia, and My Favorite Year. Give Clark Gable his award for Gone with the Wind, and Sidney Poihero719_oscarstier wasn’t even nominated him for his lead role in “In the Heat of the Night”! Who do you think deserves a “Do-Over” award?


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