My Favorite Academy Awards Moments

ABC is showing a special tonight about their favorite moments from the Academy Awards. I have several that stand out in my memory, so I’m going to set mine down first and see how many they catch.
1.Crocodile Dundee’s hilarious speech explaining that he’d traveled over 3,000 miles knowing he wasn’t even going to get an award, and detailing how he wishes nominees would act at the Oscars.
2. Clint Eastwood struggling to read jokes on the cue cards that had been written for host Charleton Heston, who was caught in traffic, as the audience howls with laughter.
3. David Niven’s calm assessment of a streaker who showed up while he was on stage.
4. Various awful opening production numbers, including one that started with NO INTRODUCTION of dancers standing on the wings of a plane with cheesy special effects behind them.
5. Sylvester Stallone thanking the Academy for the accolades given to his movie, “Rocky” and saying, I’m broke I need a job.
6. The many Billy Crystal mini movies using the famous stars.
7. Elizabeth Taylor getting her tonsils cleaned by a very drunk Jason Robards when she gave him his award.
8. Randy Newman getting a rousing ovation from the audience and the Oscars orchestra when he was given an award for best song.
9. The amazing montage of the best action films ever made
10. Every year the montage of stars that have passed on is a shock. But I love it because it reminds you of performances you loved but had forgotten, and shows you how incredible the performers looked in their glory days.
11. When they announced the nominees for best makeup, and actors from 2001:A Space Odyssey appeared onstage in their ape makeup, it was the first moment everyone realized that Kubrick hadn’t used real apes for the opening sequence.
12. The year they decided to have actors simply read the words to the best nominated songs, ie, “oh, you chitty, chitty bang,bang. Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang, we love you”. read by Sidney Poitier.
13. Jayne Mansfield defying gravity as she climbed the steps to the stage in an incredibly low-cut gown.
14.Louise Lasser’s acceptance speech for her role as Nurse Racher in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. She was speaking with tears running down her face as she used sign language to make sure her parents knew her love and gratitude.
15. In a celebration of the great Hollywood musicals, they rounded up all the movie musical stars they could found. Cyd Charisse and Jane Powell looked fabulous.

What were your favorites?


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