Things to Do: NYC Coffee and Tea Festival

March is coming at last!~and with it one of my favorite yearly events, the New York Coffee and Tea Festival. This insanely fun event will happen at a new(for them) venue, the Armory on the upper east side on the weekend of March 23-24, 2013. (This is not an AD, I have been attending the Festival for over 6 years)Image

Why go? For the cost of admission you are allowed to wander through a huge space that is filled with coffee and tea vendors that allow you to sample–and buy–tea and products from all around the world.   You can taste everything from Turkish Coffee(which will make your head spin) to delicate teas from Korea and Japan–for free!  They’ll also have vendors selling desserts–which are very much a part of the tea experience, and you can buy teapots and other equipment for making tea. 

For the past few years the festival has included and intense Barista competition, where the best coffee makers from businesses around the region compete against each other.  If you’ve notice that your Starbucks coffee doesn’t taste the same, and it makes a difference who made it for you, then you know what I’m talking about.

For those not interested in watching the baristas they have seminars, demonstrations of formal oriental tea ceremonies as well as classes on how to cook with tea. Note: some of the professional seminars do include a fee.

So, when your scratching your head trying to figure out what to do that weekend, please keep the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival in mind.  I’ll warn you though, get your tickets in advance because they tend to sell out! Go to, but I’d also check on This event will change your mind about what a good cup of coffee tastes like–and you’ll go home with a gift bag..


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