Five Traits for a Perfect Mate

greta at birdlands july10 2012Alright, I’ll admit it.  I love watching the reality show, The Millionaire Matchmaker.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, a woman named Patty Stanger, who comes from a long line of Jewish matchmakers is a professional matchmaker who caters to Millionaires who can’t or won’t find someone to marry.

First her 2 staffers-who recently fell in love and got married–do video interviews of  the millionaires, then show them to Patty, who decides whether or not they would be worth bothering with. She then ruthlessly details what personality traits she can see that might be the reasons the candidates can’t find a mate, and often decides they can’t be helped.  Once she makes her choices she goes to meet them in person to see if what she saw in the video was correct. If she decides to help them, she sets up a ‘mixer” where they can meet a group of women (or men as the case may be) would be good mates for her millionares, with the understanding that her clients can only choose one person at the mixer.  However the millionares  must follow her rules: no sex before monogamy, only 2 drinks at the mixer, and no taking phone numbers at the mixer. She does warn each client which type of person they should be avoiding in their search for love, and secretly makes sure to include just that type of person in the mixer to see if they millionaire was taking her advice seriously.

It’s amazing that all these people were able to amass money with acquiring any social skills, and can’t figure out that the stubbornness that helped build their fortune could prove a negative factor in romance.  Patty warns them, but they usually just don’t get it–she has a couple of people who’ve insisted on her helping them several times, and they think it’s Patty’s fault for not getting the right people for them.

One of the male candidates at a mixer for a female millionare said he has his own strict criteria of five traits–the 5 S’s:  his dates must  be: Single, Solvent,Sexy, Sane, and Sober.  Funny, if Patty’s millionaires would just follow this guy’s standards they might find love!


3 thoughts on “Five Traits for a Perfect Mate

  1. gretacabaret Post author

    I just finished my blog about the show Millionaire Matchmaker, and I have a question: The list of dealbreaker traits from one of the contestants was: Single, Solvent, Sexy, Sane and Sober. What other “S” traits would you want in a mate?

    1. gretacabaret Post author

      Isn’t that interesting? But not surprising. Patty does tend to choose intelligent women–especially for older men, because it’s what they need, and discourages them from just getting the trophy wives. She warns them that going for looks alone is why the millionaires aren’t already married. “You’ve tried that, and it hasn’t worked, so listen to my advice”, she tells them.


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