In the past two weeks Mother Nature has shown herself to be in a seriously BAD MOOD.  I don’t know what the people in Oklahoma did to tick her off, but she needs some serious apologies for something.  Tornadoes don’t often hit again in the same area with such fury.

And here in good old NYC, we’ve has some freakiness as well. Snow wen none was  predicted, then no snow when the weather channels did predict it.  We’ve had multiple tornadoes, massive flooding, and the hurricane of the century.  Thunderstorms were predicted for Saturday afternoon but we didn’t get them until late Sunday evening.  Mother Nature has evidently decided to tell the newscasters, “I don’t watch TV, and don’t know–or care–what your $4 million Doppler radar says, I’ll do what I want”!

Today I left my apartment at 2:30PM to drop off some artwork uptown after the weather channel assure me that the storms were pretty much over for today.  Being a Kanasan, I took that with a grain of salt, and grabbed my umbrella and rainslickers.  It was warm, and a little cloudy in the distance but looked like it would blow over.  By the time I reached 213th, the sky north of the city was a definite “you’re- in-for-it-now” blue-gray.  Over the next 30 minutes the sky became darker and darker until, sure enough it began to pour–straight down– like someone had turned on a shower.People were running for cover; and very few had umbrellas.

I had planned to go to the Broadway Food Festival downtown at 5PM but the way it was raining I knew it wouldn’t be worth the trip.  It continued to pour for the next hour as i struggled to get home, then at 7PM I looked up to see bright sunshine through my living room windows. Mother Nature had jerked my chain yet again….

[Note: if you’re curious about the photo, it was taken from a moving train coming down from Cold Springs, NY at sunset.  That’s not a fire; just the light of the setting sun.]


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