A famous and widely popular poster several years ago was “Everything I Needed to Know in Life I Learned in Kindergarten”. I always wondered why there wasn’t a sequel.with all the stuff that I learned later…




There seems to be an amazing phenomenon that occurs frequently, that no math formulas they tried to cram into my head in geometry class covered. (By the way, speaking of geometry, I never learn the formula to help figure out the question that always seems to pop up on tests: If a train leaves Boston at 9AM traveling south at 90 miles and hour, and another train leaves from Chattenooga at 1AM, traveling north at 70 miles and hour, what time will they meet in New York City, and who’s paying for lunch. And having lived on the east coast for many years, I know that with the usual delays involved in traveling ANYWHERE by train, any time the schedule comes up with is nothing more than wishful thinking…But I digress…)




Something I call The RULE OF MISMATCHING should be created, then added to all school math classes as a practical application of probability theory. There must be something to account for:


  1. No matter how many plastic take-out containers and lids you save, you always end up missing a lid.

  2. (2)Put 8 pairs of socks the washer, but 7 pairs and one orphan will come out of the dryer, as well as a sock that isn’t yours—a comedian did a routine about this years ago, and he said he tried cutting down on the number of socks to stem the loss of clothing, and the washer put out a note saying, “feed the machine more socks.

  3. You take off a pair of earrings and put them into your jewelry case, and one earring always disappears. I once decorated a vest using all the orphaned earrings I found in the case.

  4. Hot dogs come 10 in a pack, but the buns come 8 to a bag? Do the bread manufacturers not know anything about the use of their product?

  5. Bedding sets include two pillowcases for all sizes except twin, which only gets a single case. Really? You wouldn’t have more than one pillow on a twin bed—especially since all the store displays use multiple pillows as a matter of course?

  6. AAA batteries come 2 to a pack(unless you buy the jumbo size)but most devices that need AAA need 3 batteries to do anything. Speaking of batteries, don’t get me started on those “button” batteries. Once you take them out of the device, they will never go back in. Go to a store and try to buy a replacement, and the clerk will still be laughing at you after you leave the store…”she wanted a LR32! AH,Hahahahahahaha!”.




Schools are always searching for ways to make math more relevant, so kids will stop zoning out during class. Answer the questions above and you might get their attention….





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