An American Horror Story: Getting out your Summer Clothes

stained shirtThis week I finally admitted to myself that I had to put away my turtlenecks for the summer, and change out the winter clothes for warm weather duds. As I took last summer’s outfits out of the storage the overwhelming question in my mind was, “What the hell was I thinking?” (soundtrack from Psycho….Reet,reet, reet, reet, reet!)

Was it sun-blindness that made me think it was OK to go out in public wearing these far-from-white blouses? (Honestly some are closer to gray or tan than white). And holy cow, the colored tops with clearly permanent stains—on both sides!

Why didn’t anybody tell me—or stop me from wearing them before they reached this state….And I cheerfully put them away so I could wear them again this summer…OMG

Please, before this summer gets into full swing–and you admit to yourself that the sweat running down in your eyes  isn’t just hot flashes–have a clothing intervention with your friends. Stop them, before they see a horrific shot of themselves on Facebook wearing something that they should have burned last September!!!


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