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Garter Hose for School!?


People of (ahem) a certain age will remember that the invention of pantyhose for women was a real game changer.  At my catholic high school, the girls were not allowed to wear pants–of any kind–to school and were expected to wear dresses or skirts with socks(very 50’s) or wear Garter Belts with hose.  Yep, you read that right!

Dresses were above the knee if you were modest, but the current fashion called for 4 inches above the knee.  This wouldn’t be a problem, but when you realize that garters come down so far on your leg that the tops of your hose almost always showed when you sat down.  The boys found this a delightful non-problem, so they would cheerfully get an eyeful every time we sat down, and they’d hang out near the water fountain to watch the skirts hike up as girls went for a drink.

Of course, cheerleaders were allowed to wear skirts far shorter than anyone else, and the main difference between the squads was that the “A” squad wore skirts just below crotch length(with black underpants, of course(snicker)….

It was amazing that the nuns let this go on rather than break the taboo against women wearing pants that had been around for decades.  The man I was assigned to as a student teacher told me he was very grateful when the schools decided to let girls wear pants, jeans and pant-skirts.  Since the young girls had no idea how to sit when wearing the short dresses, they would sit with their legs open, rather than crossed and he used to be afraid to look at his students when standing in the front of the room….there was a lot of stuff on view…..On a practical note: garters held an “oops” factor–sometime the little clips lost their grips so your hose could suddenly fall down, and the clips were very uncomfortable to sit on…..Once the fashions moved from mini-skirts to micro skirts, girls gave up on gartered hose completely.  On to wearing go-go(knee-high boots, a la Nancy Sinatra), or thigh-high hose will lace tops, or no hose at all……As far as the guys were concerned, it was all good….

The next time you hear parents or kids complaining about strict school dress codes, you can snicker as you remember this little tidbit….I did!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Feeling Fancy.”

Greta pensive

Greta pensive

If someone said they would pay for me to have a full day doing anything I want, I would want wake up–without an alarm clock– after an incredibly restful night in my own bed on fresh sheets and a new lacy nightgown.  Get up, and make a quick trip to a nearby restaurant for a wonderful breakfast of gluten-free Belgian waffles(I’ve never seen any) with thin bacon, and spicy Mexican coffee and soft scrambled eggs…Leisurely walk home in brilliant sunlight in a blue sky, then spend an hour going over my music.  Nap for 90 minutes, while listing to ocean sounds.  Eat a light dinner of a small steak with mushrooms and potatoes, with fresh coffee. then shower and dress.  Take a cab downtown Carnegie Hall, to prepare to perform my  widely publicized and critically acclaimed sold-out solo jazz vocal concert at Carnegie Hall, with an orchestra and 5 piece jazz combo to accompany me.  A large, red oriental carpet would be underneath my feet onstage.

I would be wearing a beautiful custom-fitted v-neck, floor length, gold sequined gown with a small train( has exactly the one I want), and matching low heels, my hair would be professionally styled in an elegant undo, with beautiful makeup by a master of black makeup.

The concert would be a mix of jazz and classical music–with Bachianas Brasilieras #5, Les Filles De Cadix, Du Bist Die Ruh, El dis que me quieras, and Marietta’s Lied for the classical set–using the orchestra, then 8 of my favorite jazz and standard pieces in the second half…..

The concert will end to thunderous applause from both the audience and orchestra, and will result in a flood of requests for me to sing further paid concerts in venues all over the world, but especially in Vienna, and a special concert in Okinawa, Japan, where I was born..

After a quick dinner, I will leave in a limo to go out Viennese waltzing to a 20-piece orchestra for 2 hours at the Grand Prospect Ballroom in Brooklyn with a fabulous dancer as my partner.  The hall will serve a desert menu with coffee served by waiters in tuxes,and when it is over, my date will escort me home the lime and present me with a huge bouquet of yellow roses.  I will end the evening with a rose-scented bubble bath in a tub surrounded by candles…………………