In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Feeling Fancy.”

Greta pensive

Greta pensive

If someone said they would pay for me to have a full day doing anything I want, I would want wake up–without an alarm clock– after an incredibly restful night in my own bed on fresh sheets and a new lacy nightgown.  Get up, and make a quick trip to a nearby restaurant for a wonderful breakfast of gluten-free Belgian waffles(I’ve never seen any) with thin bacon, and spicy Mexican coffee and soft scrambled eggs…Leisurely walk home in brilliant sunlight in a blue sky, then spend an hour going over my music.  Nap for 90 minutes, while listing to ocean sounds.  Eat a light dinner of a small steak with mushrooms and potatoes, with fresh coffee. then shower and dress.  Take a cab downtown Carnegie Hall, to prepare to perform my  widely publicized and critically acclaimed sold-out solo jazz vocal concert at Carnegie Hall, with an orchestra and 5 piece jazz combo to accompany me.  A large, red oriental carpet would be underneath my feet onstage.

I would be wearing a beautiful custom-fitted v-neck, floor length, gold sequined gown with a small train( has exactly the one I want), and matching low heels, my hair would be professionally styled in an elegant undo, with beautiful makeup by a master of black makeup.

The concert would be a mix of jazz and classical music–with Bachianas Brasilieras #5, Les Filles De Cadix, Du Bist Die Ruh, El dis que me quieras, and Marietta’s Lied for the classical set–using the orchestra, then 8 of my favorite jazz and standard pieces in the second half…..

The concert will end to thunderous applause from both the audience and orchestra, and will result in a flood of requests for me to sing further paid concerts in venues all over the world, but especially in Vienna, and a special concert in Okinawa, Japan, where I was born..

After a quick dinner, I will leave in a limo to go out Viennese waltzing to a 20-piece orchestra for 2 hours at the Grand Prospect Ballroom in Brooklyn with a fabulous dancer as my partner.  The hall will serve a desert menu with coffee served by waiters in tuxes,and when it is over, my date will escort me home the lime and present me with a huge bouquet of yellow roses.  I will end the evening with a rose-scented bubble bath in a tub surrounded by candles…………………



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