Tonight is the 2015 Grammy Awards program.    As I go over the list of this year’s nominees, I’m stunned to finally see singers I not only know–but like!  It’s been many years since I bothered to watch the show.

The Grammys used to be very, very dry and stodgy, but my favorite broadcast was one where the group Wild Cherry performed their hit song .  The audience had sat there all night, watching the nominees take their awards and politely clapping for the winners.  Then Wild Cherry started playing “PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY”, and everything changed.  First the crowd nodded, then snapped, squirmed in their seats, and suddenly people started getting out of their seats, dancing in place and even jumping into the aisles, singing the chorus at the top of their lungs,..

“Play that funky music white boy, play that funky music play! Play that funky music white boy! Lay down some boogie and do that funky music till you die!”

It was an electrifying moment in live TV, and I’d never seen anything like it. Even more than that, I until I saw the broadcast I had no idea it wasn’t a black band like Earth, Wind and Fire!  Now every time I hear a band launch into this song, I jump to my feet and boogie like there’s no tomorroW…

I hope tonight has a thrilling moment as well…We’ll just have to see.  In the meantime, crank up the volume on your machine, and use the link to hear and oldie but a SERIOUS GOODIE.


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