Photoblog experiment Wadsworth Terrace Park #2

This is a little public park behind my apartment building which is almost empty during the day, but (unfortunately)very busy on Spring and Summer nights with cars blasting their radios.  Right now, covered with snow, the park has the beautiful serenity the designers intended…I converted it to black and white, then realized there was no need.  The early March  light at 4:30PM had a slight yellow tint of its own… Note: this was taken with an old 7.1 pixel digital camera.

PICT0012 - Version 2 PICT0012


7 thoughts on “Photoblog experiment Wadsworth Terrace Park #2

  1. Karen Woods -In Writing

    Both are excellent but evoke different feelings. The first looks like a drab winter day. I feel cold just looking at it. The second looks like a winter day with some promise. I can visualize people walking by. Just MHO. Thanks for posting.

    1. gretacabaret Post author

      Edwina, Thank for you responding…It’s interesting reading what people say; so far it’s half and half-but their reasons for their choices are fascinating..


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