About Greta M. Herron

Greta M. Herron is a lyric-coloratura soprano, who has loved and been involved in music since childhood.  In addition to being a church soloist and cantor, she has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, and a Master’s Degree in Opera Performance.

Since moving to the New York area in 1986, she has added jazz and cabaret singing to her skills, performing in concerts, fundraisers, recitals, open mikes, music outreaches and her one-woman cabaret show “Soprano Smolder”.

Although she is a singer, she has also taken ballet, tap, modern, oriental, folk and ballroom dance classes, instruction in stage make up, and to accommodate her performances as Sister Amnesia in Nunsense, puppeteering.  Incidentally, she was a percussionist from sixth grade until she graduated from undergrad school.

Her hobbies include hat design, cooking–especially gluten-free dishes, reading, greta at birdlands july10 2012sewing, photography and watercolors…





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