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The Power of Pink and Purple


These are some of my favorite photos in these colors–most taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and a great poem to go with them, by Pamela Brown’s book “Nature’s Gifts”. ¬†Photo above is me in summer regalia taken at the (temporary) installation “Monet’s Garden”at the Bronx Botanic Garden. ¬†People thought I was part of the exhibit…

May you, just once or twice in your lifetime, see something infinitely rare and strange and beautiful.

I wish you delight of plants – the small miracles of graft and cutting, seed and bulb and corm. of new life from the earth.

I wish you the gloom of the garden in winter – and after months of anticipation, the small, green signs of spring.



purple irisWP_20140513_030 WP_20140513_035